A little bit more about "Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea".

Brighton based alt-rock group Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea formed in late 2009, and have won recognition through a string of EPs and tours. Their ever evolving sound mixes rhythmic aggression with careful, thoughtful songwriting. With influences as far ranging as Eliott Smith, Cursive and Nirvana, their music is heavily laden in both feedback-drenched, searing barrages of noise and complex, catchy melodies.

Having toured the UK throughout 2010 with bands like Hold Your Horse Is, Amateurs, Illness and Shoes and Socks off, the band have already become a favourite of DJs such as BBC6 Music's Tom Robinson.

Their first album 'What's there To Write About?' was recorded almost entirely live in a converted stable at the end of last year. The band's abrasive sound is captured at its full force. The album is raw and uncomprimising, and across only twenty-seven minutes Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea deliver an album that is personal, frenzied, disarming, neurotic and willfully uncomfortable.

To go alongside the free/pay what you like digital release of the album, there will be a very limited number of special edition CDs encased in books. Each book is different and have been collected by the band over the past year. These will be made available shortly.

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