New Soul Family, the French connection: Soulbeats Label.

I've talked about a new golden age of soul in a previous post, the review of Charles Bradley and Lee Fields Gig. The Frenchies are very very keen to promote the new soul school and we also have a kind of Daptone label. Check them, With some like Gizelle Smith and Mighty Mocambos or the girl who sang with Jaaaaaaaaames Brown, it's a premiere league label. Check their catalog, Videos, myspace, etc. It worths a visit.

The creation of Soulbeats Records was born from the desire to encourage independents bands to spread their music. Regarded as the way of thwarting imposed trend, Soulbeats give a chance to the stage's artist to develop their sound records. Directly in contact with our artists, the soulbeats' job before and after the release of the album is complete: support and management of the artist, work with the media, find distribution's go-between ; for an only goal : to permit the development and the carrier of our artists.

Soulbeats have focused his activity around the music we love and that we help: reggae, soul and funk. Even if we are an international and mix label we stay close to our culture and artists. A label with a human dimension which don't just market an album but a real artistic work, values and a passion: music.

Authenticities, originality, planetary engagement, are as much directives way which motivated us to launch this project.

The diva asked to the Shaolin Temple Defenders to accompany her for almost sixty dates. From this collaboration will born the Album W.O.M.A.N, a real jewel for the amateurs of soul and vocal performances. Just listen, appreciate and travel…

Martha High CD

Soulbeats records, English version.
Soulbeats records, French version

"Château Soulbeats" is a soul / funk compilation, symbol of the label crossed identity. A compilation in agreement with the region which as well groups together local than international artists. The tracklisting gathering artists such as Shaolin Temple Defenders, Martha High, Gizelle Smith, Robertson or still Dee Ann gives a unique character to this compilation which will delight the amateurs."

Myspace, to listen to the Compilation

Can also listen the Shaolin temple defenders:

A first album which appears as a explosive cocktail of soul and funk. The first seconds of the CD give the tone of this energetic group: A true crunchy guitar riff follow by the entrance of the drummer and the singer: “Hi everybody ! We are the Shaolin Temple Defenders, we come from Bordeaux and we have some explosive funk!! Listen”. A sound directly draws inspiration from the old 45t of deep funk, the Meters and James Brown. True Raw Funk!


Cpt.Stax said...

thank you yann, some interesting suggestions. I knew gizelle smith, of course, but not much abt soulbeat or the defenders. f

Stef J. said...

Great post, Yann. Supporting small indie labels is a very noble duty.
Cheers !