The Spitfires announce release their new single 'Spark To Start' b/w 'Sirens' 12 November 2012.

Recorded at Black Barn Studios with producer Charles Rees, both songs are original compositions by lead vocalist and guitarist Billy Sullivan. Featuring a new line up of Sam Long on bass and Matt Johnson on drums, this single marks the beginning of The Spitfires' assault on the music scene. All three members are 18 years-old and come from Watford. Their inspirations and influences may be obvious, but this is no 'wannabe' band.

Band leader Billy Sullivan: "We're not some reincarnation of The Jam, The Clash or The Libertines, We're young and we speak to our generation, to the people who have been told 'you're not good enough to get a job' or the kids that are sick of 'circus' talent shows and manufactured bands. The Spitfires are an alternative to all of that."

He continues: "People have tried to categorise us. The fact that we dress in a certain style that people recognise as one thing, but we all are into different styles and all have different influences. This is 2012. That's the whole message behind 'Spark To Start'. Things have gone stale and it's time it was all swept away so we can start again with something new, vibrant, young and meaningful in music."

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